Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Apricot Seeds Can Help Treat Cancer Without Triggering Any Side-Effects! Here’s What You Should Know!

It is probable that you have never heard about Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, but his discovery of the amygdalin in 1952, or B17 vitamin as was labeled by him, is among the most important achievements in the field of alternative cancer treatment, as a result of the strength of amygdalin in eliminating cancer.

Apricot seeds have one of the highest amygdalin concentrations, and still a larger part of us aren’t at all aware of their power. Have you ever questioned yourself why that is?

The most realistic answer would be that commercial cancer treatments are generally promoted by a 200 billion dollar market that is relying on the sales of the pharmaceuticals produced by them, although they aren’t very effective.

Edward Griffin says that the remedies for treating cancer have in fact long existed in nature, and there has been no need for the people to get involved for them to be produced, however the knowledge is practically never available to most people.

Why Are Apricot Seeds Effective?

Apricot seeds contain more amygdalin compared to most of the other fruits, and that is the primary reason for their effectiveness. Amygdalin works in such a manner that it targets the carcinogenic cells in the body and eliminates them, while at the same time it strengthens the immune system, which likewise protects the body from reappearance of cancer. A study that was conducted of the “Hunza” tribe of the Himalayan Mountains confirmed this as their diet primarily consists of apricots. The conclusions were that their feeding method enabled them to have 200 times the concentration of amygdalin, or B 17, of most western people, and not a single cancer case.


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