Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Aluminum In Deodorants Causes Breast Cancer! Use Lime To Eliminate Body Odor!

By sweating our body protects itself from overheating in conditions of humid climate or exhausting physical activity. The extra thermal energy is ejected through the sweat particles, which cools the body.

There are lots of gland around our body, but no one likes the underarm sweat. The glands in the underarms are the most active in our whole body and emit sweat every time when it is needed. This sweat contains fatty acids and proteins which are leaving the vestige on our clothing.

Sweating is one of the most important processes in our body. Effusive sweating is also called hyperhidrosis. Since the sweat smells bad it is improper and awkward, so we are using deodorants and antiperspirants.

We shouldn’t search for a solution that will stop the armpit sweating. Sweat is healthy due to the fact that it includes chemical ingredients that work in the battle against ailments.

One study has proven that the sweat includes natural antibiotics that can eliminate harmful bacteria. It is not logical to stop one of the most necessary procedures in the body. Anyhow, we can definitely deal with the odor that comes from the sweaty underarms with the help of some natural methods from the folk medicine.

Aluminum In Deodorants Can Cause Breast Cancer! Use Lime To Eliminate Body Odor

It may be hard for believing until you try it. Divide the lime in 2 pieces. It should not be very ripe. Rub each of the half on each armpit. You will notice that your skin on the rubbed place will be brighter, however there is nothing to be worry about, due to the fact that the color of the skin will be restored very soon.

Its acidity is the main reason that this fruit is so effective in the fight against the underarm sweat. The acid in the lime juice will reduce the sweat production and will work as a natural deodorant. It is worth mentioning that the limes have strong antibacterial properties, due to the fact that the bad smell is caused by the bacteria.

Remember that the armpits are meant to sweat, since in this way our body ejects the toxins. All you should do is to remove the bad smell with limes.


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