Friday, October 27, 2017

Sodas—They Destroy Our Bones, But Everyone Still Drinks Them Every Day!

All the studies have actually shown that Americans consume a large amount of soda daily. In fact, 12 ounce of can every day for every person or people in the United States have bought 15 billion gallons of soda in the year 2000.

Today we will show you a lot of information about the extremely unhealthy and disturbing effects of this drink that will open your eyes.

Kidney Diseases And Kidney Stones

Big amounts of phosphoric acid are consisted in soda. This ingredient impacts the urinary system, creates kidney stones and raise the risk of forming kidney stones by 15%.

Tooth Decay

Soda destroys your tooth enamel. This extremely acidic beverage leads to greater damage to the teeth compared with sugars added to candies.

Liver Damage

Soda considerably increases the risk of cirrhosis which is the worst thing that you can do to your liver.


Your favorite beverage is absolutely the main reason for your extra pounds. A single can daily provides an extra pound in just one month.

Diet soda is even more unsafe because it has lots of different chemicals, colors and artificial sweeteners that affect the whole range of both physiological and hormonal issues.

Osteoporosis And Soda

Several scientific studies have proved that the use of soda substantially reduce the BMD in the hips of women and leads to bone loss.

The absorption of calcium in the body is also prevented the excessive amounts of phosphorus in this drink. The lab tests have actually proved that this acid causes the leakage of calcium in the bones.

You should definitely avoid the consumption of this drink in order to prevent osteoporosis, Chron’s disease and many other chronic diseases.


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