Wednesday, October 4, 2017

7 New Ways to Use Honey as Alternative Medicine… It Actually Works!

Alternative health treatments have certainly gained in popularity over the past several years. This has occurred in spite of new and advanced medical technologies for treating many different diseases. Home remedies or folk remedies have not only been used in ancient times, but also by many people today as a form of alternative medicine.

Honey has been used as an alternative form of medicine for thousands of years.

1. Remedy for sore throat
Blend together honey and citrus fruits in a jar and let it stand at room temperature for a few hours. The honey has natural anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe your sore and dry throat and you will be able to swallow easily without the pain and scratchy feeling. The citrus fruit will help to kill the bacteria that might be the cause for the throat pain.

2. Drink for acid reflux
Apple cider vinegar balances pH levels in your body, so for natural remedy for acid reflux, combine honey and apple cider vinegar.

3. Mixture of honey and ginger for stomach aches
You can make a wonderful remedy for stomach ache, nausea and indigestion by blending together honey and raw ginger root.

4. Drink for weight loss
It is proved that lemon and honey increase metabolism. So, you can start your day by drinking a glass of hot water with honey and lemon. This mixture will detox your body, and if you consume it before you eat, you won’t feel so hungry and you will eat smaller portion.

5. Honey juice for toothache relief
For this mixture you will need honey and cloves. Cloves contain eugenol (an extremely powerful anesthetic) that helps to relieve the pain in the gums and root of teeth. Cloves also has antibacterial properties and combined with honey can kill the bacteria in your mouth.

6. Exfoliant and moisturizer
Mix together milk, honey and brown sugar. This mixture is perfect for dry and irritated skin – it will exfoliate and moisture it. If you have sensitive skin, before application of the mixture, be sure that the sugar is dissolved in the milk. On areas like elbows and feet, the sugar doesn’t need to be dissolved.

7. Acne fighter and skin cleaner
Blend together raw honey with plain yogurt and apply this acne treatment on the affected area (anywhere on your body, because the mixture is extremely gentle).

This mixture will decrease the acne redness because honey and yogurt have anti-inflammatory effects. Yogurt also acts as a pH balancer and that is very important for maintaining clean and healthy skin, because the yeast that develop on skin can sometimes cause acne.

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