Monday, September 18, 2017

Treating Skin Issues With ICE! Here’s What You Need To Know!

The skin icing is becoming very popular in the beauty treatments because it makes the skin look better. This treatment has many benefits and that is why many specialists for beauty include it in the spas and skin care treatments. This is especially popular between the females in Korea because they are known to have many beauty rituals for the skin. According to the specialist the skin icing has many advantages for our health including the following:

Health specialists believe that skin icing has the ability to:
  • It makes the face fresh
  • Avoids the appearance of wrinkles
  • Fights against acne and blemishes
  • Improves the blood circulation and affects the health of the skin
Read a list below for more benefits that come with this amazing beauty ritual:

It makes your skin smoother 
This treatment is good for tightening the skin and shrinking the bigger pores because it unclogs the pores that contain excess sebum and debris. It takes care of our face skin and it makes it look smother than before.

Use it as a primer 
This is a cheap toner for our skin and also can be used before you put your make up. It lowers the pores that are underneath the makeup and in that way our face looks smoother and amazing. You can fist try icing the face and after that apply the primer.

Boosts the circulation 
It is good for the circulation of the blood. The ice is responsible for the constricting of the capillary thus less blood is going to the surface of the skin. This is very beneficial for conditions like inflammation or swelling. The body is impacted from the cold treatment and the circulation is increased.

It is beneficial for Puffy Eyes 
It can lower the swelling, which can result in lowering the bags under your eyes as well.

Fights against wrinkles 
It lowers the signs for wrinkles and is helpful for slowing down the appearance of new wrinkles.

It is good for controlling the Acnes 
Because it lowers the swelling and soreness, it is also good for pimples. It can ease the inflammation as well.

You can use this method of skin icing for a new pimple and it will slow down the process of inflammation. This will help to lower the acnes. You should hold an ice on the acne for several seconds and do this method every other night.

This method of skin icing is not complicated at all. You should do it in the morning and/or in the evening as well. You need to follow this instructions:
  • Firstly, you must clean your face well
  • Then put one or two ice cubes in a gauze or other fabric and wrap it
  • Then when the ice starts to melt and the fabric is wet, you can use it
  • Put it on your face and hold, change the locations and hold for a period of 1-2 minutes
  • Make circular movement and include the chin and the jaw line, the cheeks, forehead and nose. Pay attention to the area underneath your eyes.
  • At the end you can apply toner or the moisturizer you use.
Pay attention to this:
  • This treatment is usually done without covering the ice. So if you want to do it like that too, they use gloves because you cannot hold the ice fort that long.
  • Do not worry f you cannot apply the ice directly on your skin. You have the same effect even it is wrapped in a fabric
  • If you are using it directly on the skin, pay attention not to apply it directly from the freezer because it can break the capillaries under your skin.
  • However, if you happen to have broken capillaries then avoid this treatment
  • You can stop with this method is you find it uncomfortable. You should respect the time and not hold the ice more than 15 minutes.
  • Also, if you want to have better results you can add lemon, rosewater, green tea, cucumber or chamomile tea in the water for the ice cubes.

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