Tuesday, September 12, 2017

This Natural Remedy Can Heal Bone Fractures And Cure Many Diseases! RECIPE!

Since ancient times, people have been using this herb in the preparation of home remedies in order to treat many different ailments.

Dr. Paracelsus, a well-known herbalist stated:

“Why you add vinegar to the comfrey root or other kinds of “deadly” ingredients, when God has created comfrey to heal even bone fractures?”

Comfrey is considered an incredibly healthy plant since it has the ability to relieve symptoms of sprains, pressures in addition to promote tissue regeneration. This is the main reason that people use it in the preparation of homemade remedies which serve in the treatment of both internal and external wounds, bruises, fractures, bleeding, cuts and scrapes. Additionally, people also use comfrey in the treatment of sprains and for muscle and tendons strains.

In order to treat varicose veins, bone inflammations, carpal syndrome, ulcers and psoriasis, you have to use comfrey covers. According to medical experts, comfrey contains fat which can help millions of people to get rid of their back pain.

It is very simple to prepare comfrey wraps, you just need to mix 2-3 tsp of dried comfrey root with enough water so that you get a paste. When prepared, soak a piece of cloth into the paste and after that apply it onto the affected area. Make sure to replace the comfrey wraps every 2-4 hours. This will reduce your pain and your wound will heal much faster for sure.

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