Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This Japanese Diet Will Help You Lose Weight In An Easy And Fast Way!

The morning Japanese diet with bananas is a big hit all over the world since it was first published. With this diet, you will make some changes in your life that will bring healthy routines and improve your overall lifestyle. You are also supposed to lose 10 pounds in a single week with no effort.

The diet is very simple. You just need to drink water at room temperature and eat bananas in the morning. Through the rest of the day, you are allowed to consume anything that you like. This diet was created by a Japanese couple. The husband was not successful in losing weight with many diets.

For that reason, together with his wife, a pharmacist, they created this diet where you eat bananas and drink water for breakfast and you do not eat anything before lunch.

Bananas contain resistant starch, which stimulates weight-loss and feed to body’s cells. You can also eat as many bananas as you want. The 80/20 Japanese rule is also useful, where you eat 80 percent of your portions and leave 20 percent.

For this diet, drink a glass of warm water. Then, after 30 minutes eat a banana. If you are still hungry, eat another banana after 20 minutes. Drink whatever you want for your other meals and avoid snacks, except fruit.

You should also avoid alcohol and milk during the diet, eat your last meal before 8 PM and go to bed before midnight. According to scientific studies, weight gain can be influenced by going to bed late.

These are the benefits of the Japanese diet:
  • Eating breakfast regularly prevents overeating during the day and promotes the function of the metabolism
  • The diet brings many health benefits
  • Bananas supply the body with high levels of fiber, potassium and energy
  • Your metabolism will be boosted by the consumption of water at room temperature
  • You can eliminate cellulite with bananas
  • The diet is effective and inexpensive
  • If you don’t drink coffee in the morning, you will be able to normalize your blood glucose levels and control the appetite
  • You will lose weight in a healthy way and you will not suffer from cravings late in the night
  • Your alcohol intake will reduce also

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