Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Reasons Skincare Ginseng Good for Your Skin

You admire the beauty of her skin Korea must know that the secret to their skin care is the ginseng plant.

Besides effective in curing various diseases, famous ginseng is useful in regenerating the skin so that your skin is getting smoother, free of acne, and soft.

"Ginseng has been known for a long time by the ancestors, especially in Korea, as a natural material that is believed to increase endurance and treat a number of diseases," said Dery Waluyo, Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Sulwhasoo, in celebration of 50 Years of Ginseng Research, in Central Park, some time ago.

Dery also explained that with this type of Salvia Militoriza ginseng is used to treat heart disease.

"So, when ginseng applied to skin care formula, the result is very good. Evidently, ginseng accelerate skin regeneration. Thus, appropriate for the prevention and treatment of premature aging, "he explained.

In addition, Dery also say that ginseng also proved to be well integrated in the body. It also provides the results for the overall beauty of your skin.

On that occasion, Sulwhasoo introduce the latest products, Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Ex.

This product is a development of previous products that utilize ginseng as the main formula.

Additional interest ginseng and technology The Advance Capsule Technology on the latest products Sulwhasoo is powerful to make the skin become more toned and supple.

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