Friday, September 8, 2017

Health Tips To Help You Eliminate Shoulder And Neck Stiffness

The bad body posture is the most common reason for stiffness in the shoulders and in the neck. Other causes include stress, drafts, bad sleeping position, and etc. Once you improve the body posture, you will treat migraines, headaches, and muscle tension.


The upper back (or the shoulders) consists of 3 muscle groups: the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and pectoralis. All of them are responsible for the arms movements. The pecs and lats move the arm and rotate it, whereas the rhomboid moves the back in order to make stability in the shoulder and weakens the upper back part, making the shoulder joint to become neutrally aligned. In order to avoid this and to adjust the shoulders properly, do some workouts.

Shoulder alignment– Stand up with your hands loose on the side and rotate your wrists slowly by turning your palms inside to the elbow and thigh. Keep your arms and shoulders the same as the above-mentioned rotation.

Relax shoulders–Do arm swings and loosen up the shoulder and continue with the neck.

Arm Swing– Stand in a lunge position by putting your left foot in the front and your right one behind. Inhale and swing your right arm the farthest you can until you feel the joint limit. Then, exhale and swing your arm back and down as much as you can. Make 8 more swings and you are done. After that, repeat the same with your left hand.

Full arm circle–Stand just like the previous exercise and do back circles with your arm. Inhale when up and exhale when down. Start slow and then gradually speed up. Repeat with the other hand.

No, Yes, and Maybe– Move your neck in these 3 ways: sagittal, transverse, and frontal axes.

YES – Move your head down and up until the chin touches the breast bone and feel the tension in the neck back. Repeat the ups and downs as much as you can. Don’t go too down in case you have posterior disc problems.

NO – Your head needs to be the central above spine. Repeat the rotation from left to the right in order to make the cracking noises disappear forever.

MAYBE– Lower your ear down to the shoulder. Repeat every move a couple of times until the noises disappear.

Head roll– Roll your head clockwise and after the fifth rolls, start doing them in the opposite direction.


Bad sleeping postures are also one of the most common reasons for pain and stiffness in the neck. Pillows and cold draft might stiffen the neck. The pillow should be firm enough for the head, without any curves under the neck.


If you want to solve this problem once and for all, get this table. You need to reduce compression and the curving in the skeleton bones. You can achieve that by passively positioning your body in an anti-gravity posture.

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