Monday, September 11, 2017

Get Rid Of Gray Hair For Good: All You Need Is One Ingredient And The Results Will Amaze You!

Every one of us know that there are a plenty of chemical hair dyes found on the market which cover gray hairs, but some of us decide to use only natural products. Well, if you have gray strands that you want to conceal, some natural home solutions can turn back the time and restore your hair’s natural perfect color. Even though there are many homemade remedies for this issue, we suggest you this recipe because it was proved as one of the most useful ones.

Potato peel rinse


First you need to peel five medium size potatoes and collect a cup of peels. For this recipe you will not need the potatoes, so you can use them for making lunch or dinner. Next step you should do is to put two cups of cold water in a pot and then add the peels. Turn on the heat and boil the mixture. After a few minutes lower the heat and let the mixture boil for another five minutes. After that remove the pot from the heat and leave it aside to completely cool down. Next, strain the liquid and put it in a bowl. Add a small amount of lavender or rosemary oil for better smell and then put the mixture into a glass jar with a lid.

How To Use It:

Before rinsing your hair with this mixture you need to wash it with your regular shampoo. First, shampoo the hair as you always do, then rinse the shampoo out. As final and most important step massage your hair with this homemade natural potato peel water. Do not rinse it off. At the end, let the hair dry by itself and then style your hair as usual.

Use this home remedy every day if you want to have amazing results.

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