Sunday, September 17, 2017

Eating Bananas Everyday Can Be Very Beneficial For Your Health! Here What You Should Know!

Bananas are an example of underrated fruit. They have everything you need to stay healthy and yet some other fruit is always popularized as health revolution.

They are very tasty and contain almost every kind of nutrients, fibers, vitamins and natural sugars – sucrose and fructose.

The famous saying – an apple a day keeps the doctor away – also applies to bananas. A banana a day also keeps the doctor away.

Bananas are the most consumed fruits in the United States. They are actually consumed more than apples and oranges together. A lot of people buy them and consume them every day. At first, they are a little bit greenish and have no spots at all but as they ripe they become yellow and have brown spots. A lot of people think that if the bananas have spots they are in fact rotten and don’t want to eat them. Although this is true for the other fruits that get darker when the rot, this is not true for the bananas. The bananas that have a lot of dark spots actually have a lot of TNF. More darks spots – more TNF.

What is TNF?

TNF is actually a compound that fights cancer i.e. the abnormal cells of the body. The more ripe bananas consist more of this compound.

What TNF does is actually improving the communication between the cell of the immune system. It also helps the movement of the immune cells to the place where they are needed, for example the place of an infection.
A lot of studies have shown that bananas contain TNF that prevents the growth of tumors. It actually causes cell death and in that way it is preventing the spreading of the tumors as well.

Bananas have also a lot of anti-oxidants which improve the function of the immune system and increase the number of white blood cells.

That’s why if there are dark spots on your bananas, don’t throw them away. They are in fact the healthiest types of bananas that will provide a lot of health benefits and increase your energy as well.

Here’s why you should eat bananas every day:

Bananas offer relief from heartburn and acid reflux. If you eat only one banana every day you will immediately reduce the symptoms of heartburn.

Blood Pressure 
Bananas are also good for the regulation of the blood pressure i.e. high blood pressure. They efficiently lower the high blood pressure and the sodium levels which protect you from cardiovascular diseases and strokes. They are also excellent food for your heart because they contain high levels of potassium.

Storing Energy 
Eat one or two bananas before exercising and you will increase your energy in the following hour. The vitamins, minerals and low- glycemic carbohydrates that they contain will make your body stronger. The potassium is also excellent for preventing muscle cramps.

Fighting Anemia 
Bananas are rich in iron and will provide the necessary amount of it in your body, in case you are anemic. This will also increase the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells, and in that way it will strengthen your blood supply.

Fighting Ulcers 
If you suffer from stomach ulcers, you cannot eat every type of foods. But you can eat bananas without any concern because their smooth and soft texture will actually help your stomach and coat its lining. This will actually protect it from the hurtful acids.

Fighting Depression 
Bananas also contain tryptophan – a special amino acid that helps fighting depression. When it enters the body, it gets transformed into serotonin, which is actually a familiar neurotransmitter in the brain. Serotonin makes you feel relaxed and happier, and it increases your mood as well.

Improving Constipation 
If you suffer from constipation, just eat a few bananas. They contain a lot of fibers that will promote regular movements of the bowel and naturally treat your constipation.

Ease PMS/Nerves 
Bananas will help you it you are too stressed or in PMS. They will manage the levels of sugar in your blood because they contain a lot of vitamin B. This will relax your nervous system and make you feel better – give you kind of a peace of mind.

Control Temperature 
Bananas can also help you regulate the temperature of your body when it is very hot. They can also help you regulate your body temperature when you have fever.

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