Sunday, September 3, 2017

4 Exercises That Are Actually Harmful for Your Back (and What to Do Instead)!

Exercises are intended to be a healthy way of staying healthy. Nevertheless, there are some exercises which are not beneficial. Sit-ups, burpees, deadlifts and toe touches can cause injury to your back.

1. Burpees

Royal H. Burpee, who is a physiologist, developed burpees in the 1930s. This exercise was intended to test the fitness level of a patient and it needs to be done four times in a row.

In order to perform this exercise, one needs to do a deep squat and then a plank position. Next, one puts the feet among the hands rapidly and then stands again. The quadriceps tighten and then stretch again very fast. According to Jamie Atlas, owner of a personal training studio and fitness expert, this particular exercise extends the knees unusually, it causes irritation to the membrane of the synovial joints. According to Dr. Christopher Notley, you need to quickly bend your back 150 times when doing 75 repetitions of burpees. This kind of prolonged pain can lead to pain.

Alternative: high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

2. Sit Ups

This exercise is one of the most perceptible callisthenic exercises. In order to do this exercise, a person needs to lie down on the floor and place the hands behind the back. Next, a person needs to sit straight up, flexing at the waist. With this exercise, the external obliques and the abdomens muscles contract.  Sit backs are really burdensome on the back and they are disposed to the hip flexors more than they are to the abdominal muscles. If they are too contracted, they become shorter and pull on the lower spine. According to Dr. Stuart McGill, sit ups can put pressure on the spinal disks.

Alternative: half crunches.

3. Toe Touches

In order to do this exercise, you need to stand up in a straight position and then flex forwards at the waist. The objective is to put your hands on the ground or touch your toes. With this exercise, you stretch the four-muscle group which is located in the back of the thighs. This group of muscles is called the hamstrings. Since the muscles of the back does not offer any support, this exercise strains the ligaments surrounding the hamstrings. The spinal disks are under a lot of strain when performing this exercise as well. According to several doctors, this exercise can be very harmful for you.

Alternative: supine hamstring stretch.

4. Deadlifts

In order to perform this exercise, you need to stand behind a weight on the ground. Next, you need to flex down whilst flexing your knees a bit. Then, you need to pick up the weight, raise yourself and join your hips and knees. This exercise targets the muscles from the base of the skull to the lower spine. Furthermore, the gluteous maximus relocates the top of the pelvis back while you are performing this exercise. This exercise puts a lot of pressure on the quadriceps as well.

According to Dr. Stuart McGill, if this exercise is not done correctly, it can cause severe consequences. It can damage the sciatic nerve, and can also lead to ruptured disks.

Alternative: leg presses on a machine.

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