Monday, August 14, 2017

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Sesame Milk!

Sesame seeds have significant nutritional and health benefits, being rich in plant-based calcium. Many of us already use sesame seeds to add texture and a nutty flavor to salads, sushi, baked goods, stir-fries and many other dishes. But these seeds can also be used to make a delicious, healthy dairy free milk, which you can drink as it is or make it the base of your oatmeal, smoothies or chia pudding.

Ingredients for this amazing sesame milk:
  • ¼ cup whole sesame seeds
  • Half a liter of water

Put the seeds in a grinder and grind them. Next up is the water and mix them both very well. Leave them about three hours to macerate, then you should filter and sweeten them. Another way for preparing sesame milk is if you mix it in a blender and you need a cup of sesame butter (tahin) and two cups of water.

Sesame seeds (seed of pleasure) are very rich in essential fatty acids, lecithin, minerals and vitamins. Lecithin is a phosphorous fat and a nutrient in brain cells.

Sesame milk has more calcium than cow’s milk: 100g of unroasted sesame seeds contain 1,125 mg of calcium, while 2 glasses of milk contain just 500mg.

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