Monday, August 21, 2017

Find Out If Your Hair Is Damaged In Just 5 Seconds With This Simple Trick!

You cannot tell for sure if your hair is in a good condition? Use this trick at home and find out. Try it out, and here is what you can conclude by the results you get.

If your hair looks great, however when you touch it you find it dry and stiff, you probably wonder if you need a haircut. Well, do not run into conclusions and use this old trick which needs just a glass of water to find your answer.

Put aside a lock of hair and soak it into a cup of water. If the hairs float on the surface, it means that you do not have to worry and you do not need to schedule a haircut, as your hair is in an exceptional condition. However, if your hair sinks, it means that it is fragile and weak and the only solution to this issue is the scissors.

Why does this trick work?

This trick is efficient and helpful due to the fact that water is able to penetrate the thin and weak hair much more easily, meaning that this type of hair is far more prone to losing its shape and color under the influence of moisture. On the other hand, healthy hair floats on the surface of the water and maintains its previous shape, more or less, even after direct exposure to moisture.

So, after trying this trick, we concluded that it is reliable. And the result is– we need a haircut!
What kind of results did you get?

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