Thursday, June 15, 2017

Doctors Advice: 5 Simple Things Can Prevent 85% Of Heart Attacks!

Heart attack occurs as a result of restricted or impaired blood flow to certain parts of the heart muscle.

Usually caused by an arterial plaque, which is built up on the arterial walls, thus creating a blood clot that prevents the proper flow of the blood. Nowadays, heart attacks are considered as the main cause of death in the United States.

According to a recent study cardiovascular diseases or coronary artery disease is the cause for over 1 million deaths per 1 year. And, they can lead to heart attack. Health experts claim that this year about 920000 Americans will experience a heart attack.
You can prevent heart attack by changing your habits and your lifestyle

The modern way of living is the reason which leads to heart attack. Luckily, you can reduce the risk of this condition by making some changes in your lifestyle and diet.

Karolinska Institute considers that people can reduce the risk of heart attack by 85 percent if they make a change in their way of living, and adhere to these 5 habits.

5 Healthy Habits That Can Prevent Heart Attack 
  1. Healthy well-balanced diet
  2. No alc0hol
  3. No sm0king
  4. Healthy waist circumference
  5. Regular physical activities

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