Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This Is The Best Natural Remedy Against Toothache!

Until You go to a doctor’s appointment, if it is necessary, try the best natural remedy against toothache, whichis often used in India – a spice called “clove”

In our region, this spice is known as an addition to cooked drinks or cookies and in India, it is used to cook meals which are hardly digested and against toothache, writes “Atma”.

How does it work?
  • As soon as You feel a toothache or a gingivitis, put a pod of clove on the painful spot and then bite tightly.
  • Hold it like that for 15 minutes or half an hour.
  • The pain will gradually decrease and then it will disappear completely.
When the toothache is very strong, you can use clove oil (which can be found in the vegetal pharmacies) and it works as an anesthetic.

After you have put the clove on the painful spot (on your gingiva or under the painful tooth, try and massage a little bit of clove oil) – the pain will decrease immediately, similar to the way when you get an anesthesia at your dentist’s.
Besides the anesthetic effect, the clove oil works anti-inflammatory and also decreases the reason for the pain, but it is also good for a fresh breath.

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