Saturday, May 13, 2017

These Are 6 Amazing Facts About Eggs That Will Make You Never Ever Avoid Them!

Eggs contain some healthy unsaturated fats and 6 grams of proteins. They are an excellent source of zeaxanthin, lutein and colin which preserve your eyesight, prevent the loss of eyesight and prevent dark circles under the eyes, too.

Eggs are rich in nutrients and it’s recommended that you eat them for breakfast to enable your organism with a dose of proteins necessary to continue your day.

Other good news for everyone who chooses eggs for their healthy breakfast: This ingredient will help you regulate your body weight…Include them in your first morning meal and combine them with cereals.

You may have them more in your menu after you read this. 

1. Eggshell
The eggshell doesn’t indicate the reduced nutrient values of eggs but only “discovers” the type of hen. So, you don’t have to study carefully whether the eggshell is brighter or darker in color. The nutrient values of these ingredients are kept inside no matter the outer side.

2. Salmonella in eggs
Only one in 20.000 eggs which were bred industrially is “poisoned” with salmonella. The possibility to infect yourself with this bacteria by consuming eggs is so small that an average egg consumer will come up with one infected egg every 84th year averagely.

3. Yolk
The color of the yolk depends on the food the hen was fed with and “doesn’t discover” the lack of nutrients like many people think, if the egg yolk is in a brighter color.

 4. Bloody stain on the yolk
You’ve certainly “came across” to this, but if you’ve ever wondered what’s that from, here’s the answer. It appears when a capillary breaches inside the yolk and it doesn’t mean that the egg is of a suspicious quality.

5. “Aracuana” hen
This type of hen is familiar as “The Easter hen” because it lays naturally blue, pink, green and brown eyes.

6. Eggs and cholesterol
One egg “covers” two thirds of the maximum recommended dosage of cholesterol. Still, for those who wonder, the everyday consumption of eggs doesn’t increase the risk from cardiac diseases, researches have shown.

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