Sunday, May 7, 2017

Natural Treatment Of Tooth Infection And Toothache

Toothache occurs for a number of reasons. One of them is when the foundation or roots of the teeth get infections. Other reasons may include rotting of tooth, injury of tooth or when it is damaged. A person goes through agony when he loses tooth and space becomes empty. Nobody likes the pain and wants it to be eliminated in the most effective manner. Fortunately, we have got solution to it now. Tooth infections and diseases are treated by natural way.

If you have found pus in the tooth or abscess is formed in tooth, you must seek help from these:

-Extract of wild oregano in the form of oil.
-Colloidal silver: to wash interior.
-Lukewarm water to do cleaning part.
-Oregano oil to use it inside.


This is what you need to do. It will eliminate toothache or tooth infection.

-Open your mouth wide enough to drop wild oregano oil extract. Oil has to be dropped beneath tongue.
-Let it remain there for two minutes and then use colloidal silver as a cleanser. Wash the oil under your tongue with it.
-Now you need to throw what was left in the mouth. Swallow around 250 ml of colloidal silver in a day.
-Rub it on the parameters of the tooth which aches or has left infection.
-Now rub oregano oil again around the tooth, on the gums.
-Gaggle with lukewarm water and repeat the process. Make sure not to have more than 250 ml of colloidal silver.


1.Ginger root: this is one handy way to get rid of toothache or tooth infection.

Take a piece of ginger root. Press it down between the tooth or teeth which hurts. Tighten the force. Let it remain there for a while and then gaggle. Repeat it thrice a day for best results.

2.Clove oil:

It removes microorganisms found in teeth. Dip cotton ball in clove oil. Massage the affected tooth with this essential clove oil.

3.Cumin oil:

All you need to do is to take one teaspoon of black cumin oil. Add half a teaspoon of vinegar. Take a cotton ball and pour some mixture on it. Massage gently around the affected tooth.

4.Icy packs:

Take an ice bag and place it on the outside of teeth which hurts. It will relax and reduce toothache. It works well when you are sleep deprived because of pain.

P.S: the need to see a dentist remains in consideration if toothache persists.

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