Saturday, March 18, 2017

Miracle Natural Remedies from Honey and Houseleek for Myoma and Ovarian Cysts

Honey and Houseleek as a Natural Remedy for Myoma and Ovarian Cysts!

The Latin name for houseleek is Semprevivum tectorum which means “the ever-living” suggesting that this plant is indestructible no matter what the conditions that surround it are. It is believed that where it grows and multiplies the houseleek transfers its irrepressible energy to that house.

Houseleek is a perennial herb, high between 5 – 25 inches. It has thick juicy leaves arranged in a rosette. It is watered seldom like a cactus. If houseleek is planted somewhere in the garden it doesn’t need watering. It blooms from July to October, and this is the period during which you can collect its leaves for teas and other preparations.

1. Freshly squeezed houseleek juice:

This juice cures burns, insect bites, corn and warts, skin freckles and sun spots, herpes and chapped skin. The juice also helps with sore gums, sore ear and sore throat.
Houseleek tea increases the secretion of urine, helps with heavy and painful menstrual periods and with dysentery.

2. Houseleek tea:

You will need:

2 tsp crushed dry leaves of houseleek and 1 cup of boiling water.


Pour the boiling water over the leaves and leave it for 2 hours, then your tea is ready for drink.

3. Honey and houseleek as natural remedy:

You will need:
17 oz of honey and 10 oz of dried houseleek leaves

Grind the houseleek leaves fine and mix with the honey. Leave the mixture to stay for several days.

Consume one spoon every day first thing in the morning. In the winter period the reduced physical activity leads to increased retention of harmful substances in the body. The mixture of honey and houseleek speeds up the metabolism and cleanses the body of toxins. It has been used to successfully treat myoma of the uterus and ovarian cysts.

4. Houseleek ointment is prepared in the following way:

You will need:
1 handful of finely chopped leaves houseleek and 7 oz of fat.

Mix all the ingredients in one cup. Put it on the stove, at low temperature so that the fat melts (no cooking!). Leave it to cool down for 12 hours. After that, gently heat the mixture once again to become liquid, drain and collect into a jar. Store in the refrigerator.
Houseleek ointment can help you in healing wounds that are caused by impact and crushing, festering wound that will not heal for a long time, swellings, sunspots and skin freckles, insect bites and fistulas.

Note: As is the case with all the preparations that are used for medical purposes, herbal cures also should be used very carefully, with expert advice and, of course, to a reasonable extent.

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