Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to Finally Stop The Hair Loss? Grow Back Your Hair Naturally, Faster and Stronger

How to Finally Stop The Hair Loss? Grow Back Your Hair Naturally, Faster and Stronger. We all know how unpleasant can be hair loss. We all want to be healthy and beady and this problem can be very bad for our confidence. Today, this problem is spread not just among elderly people, but also can affect and younger generations.

The causes of hair loss can be: stress, menopause, pregnancy and weight loss . Because of the stressful situations that we are all exposed, our body can feel it and react. Common, the stress has leads to disorder of the hormonal balance.

Because of the hair loss and your low confidence, you spend thousands of dollars for treatments and products.

Now we will show you one effective and amazing product that is the best remedy in this case of hair loss. It`s guava leaves. This remedy also incredibly boosts the hair growth.

Guava leaves are a great source of vitamin B, which is crucial for healthy hair growth. These leaves are extraordinary effective and will solve the issues about hair lost and in the same time will strengthen the hair roots and follicles.

How to use them?

This remedy is very simple. You just need to add a handful of guava leaves in a liter of water and boil them for 25 minutes. After that , leave the mixture to cool . When is cool, with this mixture massage the scalp. Leave it for few hours, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

For better result: Try to massage the scalp everyday before going to bed. After the massage, put the shower cap on your head and leave it to act until you wake up.

You will love this natural home remedy. We always suggest to find the cures for every health issues in natural ingredients.

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