Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Ultimate Cure For PMS! Never Feel Fatigue, Irritability and Cravings Again!

Every woman has those days in the month when she faces the unpleasant symptoms of PMS – fatigue, sensitivity and anxiety without any particular reason. Food cravings or lack of appetite can also be another major problem which can last for days in a row. Often you can experience constant headaches which won’t go away for hours and nothing seems to help.

Can all these symptoms be prevented somehow?

Dr.Lara Briden has been dealing with this female trouble for 20 years and claims to have found the ultimate solution finally.

After a patient of hers has been complaining of constant fatigue and headaches caused by PMS the doctor decided to offer her patient an alternative solution instead of prescribing the usual pills.

She advised her to stop eating sweets and fried food, and consume more magnesium and vitamin B6 as a supplement to her diet. Just one month after she implemented the new diet the patient felt an extraordinary change. She didn’t even feel the next period coming and she didn’t experience any of the unwanted symptoms.

The prescribed diet was based on healthy ingredients, avoiding foods which cause inflammation, like deep-fried stuff, desserts and artificial juices. In some women even dairy and cereals can cause inflammation, depending on the organism.

That’s why the doctor advises eating food rich in magnesium and vitamin B, more fruit and vegetables and dark chocolate.

Here’s an example of what you should eat if you want to eliminate the PMS symptoms

Choose one of these three options for each meal


-Unsweetened muesli with mixed berries and unsweetened Greek yoghurt
-Two scrambled eggs on whole grain or gluten-free toast with butter
-Spinach and goat cheese frittata
-Drink water, tea or coffee


-Chicken wrap with grated carrot, beet and fresh spinach leaves
-Large green salad with smoked salmon, avocado and olive oil dressing
-Sushi with miso soup
-Drink water or sparkling water. Tea or coffee


-Roasted lamb shanks with potato mash and steamed kale
-Barbecued salmon steaks with oven baked sweet potato chips and spinach salad
-Chicken and broccoli stir-fry with rice
-Drink water or sparkling water with lemon. One glass of wine or beer


-Two squares of 85 per cent cocoa dark chocolate
-Cinnamon poached pears
-Gluten-free almond and orange torte made with half the sugar

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