Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Best Interior Design Style for a Farmhouse

The Best Interior Design Style for a Farmhouse

Many people dream of owning and decorating an old farmhouse. The reality, however, can't be quite challenging. With so much space to fill and timeworn finishes everywhere the blank canvas can be daunting. A farmhouse is no place for cool minimalism or slick surfaces. Try these design tips for your farmhouse.

One of the traps many people fall into when decorating a farmhouse is relying on pastels. Most farmhouses look better in faded and muted tones than in sickly sweet pastels. Rather than cotton candy pink, aim for a vintage, distressed red. Instead of shocking lime, go for a muted lime. Baby blue is not as striking in a farmhouse as antique blue. Ground these colors with antique whites and creams, with some dashes of bright yellow or red as accent colors.

The best furnishings for a farmhouse are those that take advantage of the large spaces. Look for big, bold pieces, such as wardrobes, cabinets, buffets, armoires, sideboards and bookshelves, preferably with stained or painted wood. Heirloom pieces, flea market finds, junkyard treasures and yard sale scores are perfectly at home here, as are pieces that have a country or beach cottage aesthetic. You can create the effect of time and sunlight by applying an antique wash or distressed finish to furniture. Change the hardware with vintage findings and knobs. In the bathroom, a clawfoot tub or a vintage medicine chest look nostalgic and stylish, while in the bedroom a four-poster or canopy bed strikes an appropriate mood.

Decorate free-floating shelves, bookshelves and cabinets with collections, laid across embroidered textiles or doilies. Make the look your own by adding family photographs in mismatched frames or adorn a wall with your child's art projects. Bring nature indoors by decorating with plant stands, big bowls of fruit, mason jars filled with staples and vintage glass vases filled with wildflowers. Throw rugs and floor cushions help create intimate gathering areas within the vast interior spaces.

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