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Breast sagging is one very unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling and condition that appears to numerous women. It appears since breasts become inelastic as time passes and become saggy. This puts women in very difficult and desperate situation. They fell no attractive anymore and desperately are searching for cure and exit of that situation.


This condition appears to women over 40 years and the main cause is the skin that becomes less elastic, old and loose. Breasts are not muscles and they cannot shape as muscles and are unable to remain same shape all the time. They also have milk glands and fat and tissues and because of that they can have different content and weight that affect their look and elasticity. Women that smoke are more likely to have saggy breasts. As other causes can be mentioned poor diet, menopause, improper or small bras, abnormal weight gain and over-tanning. Saggy breasts also appear in the period post childbirth.

Other more serious causes can cause saggy breasts. Namely women faced with breast cancer, tuberculosis etc. have saggy breasts.

About the factor wearing improper bras: it is recommended women not to wear bras when they do not need to, since they will develop muscle tissues on breasts because they are forced to provide natural support of the breasts. These women also have lifted nipples. Instead of using bras we suggest proper care, massages and exercises for breasts.

If you want to protect your breasts from sagging then you need to follow these tips:


This is one of the most important things not only for healthy breasts but also for the whole body. Make sure you make enough exercises for breasts: chest exercises, chest presses, curls, lifting weights and pectoral exercises and you train your arms too. In the same time you have to be careful what you eat. Overweight is dangerous since breasts can store more than enough fats and can become saggy earlier.


Try to keep your weight into normal limits since, as we said overweight causes adverse effects and contributes to faster losing of elasticity.


Drinking water and having normal body hydration is essential part for beating this syndrome since the main part of the cells that are located into the skin of the breasts is made from water. Water reduces wrinkles, protects skin from cracking and losing elasticity.


This fruit has seeds that have phytonutrients with healing effects that give firmness of the breasts.


Aloe Vera is another powerful antioxidant that blocks and kills free radicals. You need to apply oil of this plant every day on your breasts and make massage with it around 10 minutes. You can use oil, cream or gel for this purpose.


Natural masks give softness and better condition but in the same time protect from cracking and sagging. Use natural mask minimum once in a week. Here is one very good recipe:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tablespoon of yogurt
  • 1 Tablespoon of vitamin E oil
Mix the ingredients and add the mask on your breasts. Let it to stay 30 minutes and then by using cold water wash it away.


Essential oils are good for the whole body, its moisturizing and elasticity of the skin. Choose oils of carrots, spearmint, lemongrass or fennel seeds. You can also make massages not only with essential, but also with vegetable oils.


Take ice cubes and add them on your breasts and try to massage them. Try to keep them 1 minute. Maybe you got freeze, but the effects after it are amazing.


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