Saturday, February 11, 2017

Do This Unconventional Thing And Boost Your Organs Health!

There is unconventional and interesting way that can help you feel renewed and increase the health onto the organs. It is about using clothespins. They should be placed in many spots on the ears. Helen Chin Lui, a reflexologist, claims that each ear has complete reflex body map, rich with multiple connectors to the central nervous system and nerve endings. Ears have six different spots that target specific organs and regions in the body.

*The ear’s upper part*

This part of the ear has direct connection to the shoulders and the back. Apply pressure to the spot for one minute on a daily basis in order to reduce the built up tension in that areas.

*The top of the curve of the ear*

This part is connected to the organs. Place clothespin on this spot if you are feeling internal discomfort or tenderness. But you should consult a doctor to find out the root cause for the discomfort.

*The ear’s upper-middle part*

This ear part is connected to the joints. Place clothespin on the spot in order to relieve the pain or stiffness in the joints.

*The ear’s lower-middle part*

This spot is connected to the throat and sinuses. Applying pressure to this spot can help when you want to sleep but you feel congested or you have a stuffy nose.

*Above the earlobe*

This spot is connected with the digestion. It helps reduce stomach and digestive pain. Use this to prevent such discomfort.

*The earlobe*

This spot is connected with the heart and the head. This will help relieve pressure headaches and migraines and promote the health of the heart.

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