Friday, February 10, 2017

Be Aware! Symptoms That Your Blood Circulation Is Not Ok, You Shouldn’t Ignore!

The blood supplies our brain and organs with oxygen and nutrients and its circulation enables constant movement of the blood through the body. Problems with the circulation may affect the functioning of the body systems. If they aren’t treated on time, they can harm the brain, heart, kidneys and other organs. Bad blood circulation can be caused by many reasons, but the most common are peripheral artery disease and atherosclerosis.

Some health problems can cause poor blood circulation like heart disease, diabetes, blood clots, obesity, pregnancy, smoking, eating disorders and drinking.
If you notice some of these problems with blood circulation find the main cause and treat it immediately. Consult a doctor before it causes heart attack, stroke or death.

These are the ten warning signs of poor blood circulation:

*Numb feet and hands*

The numbness in some body points, especially in the feet and hands can be an indication of circulation problems. It can appear as a result of lack of vitamin B12, lack of magnesium, exposure to cold, compression of the nerves and persistent pressure on the feet and hands. It can sign of multiple sclerosis, underactive thyroid and diabetes.

*Swelling of the lower extremities*

The swelling in the feet can be caused by premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, aging, malnutrition, obesity, sitting or standing in one position for long time and high intake of salt. But if this swelling lasts for longer period of time, it can be a result of poor circulation. The kidneys can’t fulfill the process of keeping the blood vessel’s fluids because of lack of blood flow. Then, the fluid settles in the tissues and cause swelling. Sometimes it can lead to leg ulcers. If you feel this, just raise the hands above the levels of the heart and very soon the circulation will be improved. You must see a doctor if the swelling is persistent.

*Persistent tiredness and fatigue*

The fatigue can be caused by physical exertion or different medication, but if it is persistent, it may be associated to poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation interferes with the organ’s normal functioning. There can be also lack of stamina, sore muscles and breathlessness. It can also be caused by grief, stress, anxiety, depression, poor habits, unhealthy eating habits, alcohol and excessive intake of caffeine.

*Cook feet and hands*

Regulated body temperature is maintained by good circulation. If there is a problem with the blood circulation, then the body cannot have normal temperature and the feet and hands are cold because the blood cannot reach the further body points like toes and fingers. Another cause for cold feet and hands is Raynaud’s syndrome, peripheral neuropathy or underactive thyroid. Consult a doctor if you experience something like this to find the right reason for it.

*Varicose veins*

The leg varicose veins can be cause by poor blood circulation because the non-proper flow applies pressure and the veins become visible, swollen and twisted. They appear on the legs causing burning sensations in the legs, heaviness, restlessness, pain and itchiness. Other factors that can cause this condition are lot of standing on a daily basis, use of control pills, constipation, hormonal changes, heredity and obesity. It is very important to wear compression stockings that can improve the blood flow. For proper treatment, you should visit a doctor.

*Slow healing and weak immune system*

Poor circulation can influence the immune system as when it isn’t distributed on time, the minerals and vitamins that our body needs have to battle infections. In that way, the body’s ability to fight bacteria is affected. You may be more susceptible to grazes, cuts and wounds that are hard to heal, if you have weak immune system. Exercise in order to improve the blood circulation. Walk at least twenty minutes on a daily basis, five times a week.

*Erectile dysfunction*

If you have poor blood flow in the reproductive organs, it may lead to erectile dysfunction. It can cause problems to sustain or achieve erection. This condition is connected to atherosclerosis. Men who suffer need to consult a doctor to evaluate the cardiovascular disease risk.

*Sudden hair loss*

The hair loss can indicate improper blood flow in the body and when our scalp doesn’t get the needed nutrients it becomes thin, dry and the hair begins falling down. It is recommended to massage your scalp with hair oil in order to prevent loss of the hair. Dry skin and brittle nails can be consequence of poor blood circulation because of lack of nutrients. Loss of hair can be cause by iron deficiency, chronic illness, infections of the scalp, thyroid disorder, smoking, hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, aging and stress.

*Heaviness or tightness in the chest*

With poor blood flow, the heart will not be able to function properly.  Poor blood flow in the heart can lead to heaviness and tightness in the chest and it is known as angina pectoris or angina. It can indicate atherosclerosis in the heart arteries. Other causes can be stomach ulcer, indigestion, upper respiratory infection, muscle spasm and heartburn. See a doctor if you feel some chest pain to prevent serious problems.

*Cyanosis or skin discoloring*

Cyanosis occurs as a result of low blood oxygen levels or poor blood circulation. The lips and the gums may become blue and the skin can change from bright red to dark. It can be indication of congenital disease. Look for immediate medical advice, if you experience something like this.

This is how you can improve the blood circulation:

-Exercise on a daily basis;
-Control the stress as it can affect blood circulation;
-Add few drops of rosemary oil in half cup of olive oil and massage the body, especially the extremities;
-Do a treatment with hot and cold water to improve the circulation;
-Sit straight or walk in straight position as the body posture is very important for good blood circulation;
-Instead of coffee, drink cup of green tea to provide health to the body;
-Avoid alcohol consumption;
-Avoid smoking;
-Add seeds to your diet or ginger, onion, garlic, nuts, black and cayenne pepper to stimulate the circulation;
-Buy good pair of shoes as they provide good blood flow in the legs, and you will not feel any pain.

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