Thursday, January 19, 2017

Western Home Decor Ideas

Western Home Decor Ideas

Any modern home can become an Old West frontier home with the right decorative touches. Western decor is as comfortable as worn leather and saddle blankets. Scouring flea markets, estate sales and antique shops for historically significant decorative items makes this decor a fun and interesting theme. The basics of a Western-themed home is oversized furniture, well-worn wood, cozy leather and rugged, masculine features.

One of the best places to start your Western decor is the exterior of your home. Turn a front porch or entryway into a welcoming display with a few rocking chairs, a wooden wagon wheel and a pair of hanging lanterns. Plant brightly colored flowers in old oak barrels, wash tubs or wheelbarrows. Create a rock garden with several varieties of cactus such as agave or prickly pear, and hang a roll of old barbed wire or a well-worn rope lariat on an exterior wall. Drought-tolerant ornamental grasses such as miscanthus and yucca make a splashy show along driveways or surrounding large rocks.

Cozy up your kitchen with cowboy campfire accessories. Hang an old pot rack with cast iron skillets and rustic pots and pans. Adorn countertops with interesting antiques such as aged whiskey bottles filled with dried flowers, old milk cans, coffee tins or kettles. Use colorful American Indian fabrics, blankets or bandannas to cover chair cushions or create window treatments. Tie your curtains back with horse-hair braided rope affixed to old spurs on either side of your window. Online stores such as Lone Star Western Decor have great cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls in Western motifs such as boots, cowboy hats, stars, barbed wire, steer skulls and longhorns. Glasses, flatware, dinnerware, place mats with wonderful Western depictions can also be found at this site. A hardwood floor with some brightly colored throw rugs will complete the look of your cozy western kitchen.

Finishing Touches
To give your home the authentic look of the old Wild West, drape a saddle or a pair of old riding chaps across a railing or display some well-worn cowboy boots on a rustic wood shelf. Find Frederick Remington-inspired bronze statues at online shops such as Bronze Direct. Decorating your walls is easy with framed photos of your favorite cowboys such as Paul Newman or John Wayne, old wanted posters or a collection of antique shotguns.

Create the warmth of the Western lifestyle with worn leather furniture, rustic lamps and chandeliers, old guitars, harmonicas, lanterns or even an old potbellied stove. Equine accessories such as bridles, silver bits and spurs are equally at home on the range.

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