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The importance of your feet

Maybe you are introduced, maybe you are not with the fact that feet have direct impact on the normal body position and the pain that we feel in certain body parts. They are one of the most important parts of our body since, they keep the whole body in normal position, they bear the whole burden in our daily activities and are responsible for carrying the body weight. It is very essential to pay a lot of attention and to take care of them since they are direct connection with the other body parts.

Sometimes, especially in older ages people experience different pains: back, hip, knee, shoulder pains and so on. As time passes the pain increases and nothing can be done. The most of us do not realize that the pain comes from the feet. They can be exposed on abnormal pressure, sometimes can deteriorate and produce some difficulties for us. If you feel pain in the back, you cannot walk properly, your knee are under pressure, or your movements are slowed because your hips are immobile, then make sure that the real root of the problem is in your feet. This is because the muscles are directly connected with the bones and the pressure from the feet is transferred up in the body.

Some studies also showed that the women who frequently wear high heels have back pain. It is because the burden of the feet goes to the back. If the pain is great then there should also be wrong position of the body when walking and moving.

Try these exercises:

Toe presses

Before start with the exercises warm up your toes. They need to receive signal that some movements will follow, the blood should circulate properly and it will result with right performing of the exercises and relaxing of the muscles in the end.

First, stand and bend your knees. Then go to the floor and grip it with your toes. Stay like that in 5 seconds and make a rest.

Repeat 10 times.

Toe walking

This is very useful exercise for the muscles and ligaments, because it requires good effort but it provides relaxation and relieves the pain.

Stay on your toes as a ballerina in the next 20 seconds and try to walk around in that position. After 20 seconds release the toes and repeat it again as much as you can.

At the beginning the pain is heavy and you will have problems to maintain balance, but everything will be improved as you try again and again.

Ankle circles

It is simple but very effective exercise. It improves the situation with your knees and hips.

By making it you will release all the pain in your back.

Lie on the floor and bent your legs. Position them upwards and then stretch one of the legs. Make an angle clockwise and stay like that around 15 seconds. Make another circle counterclockwise and then relax. Repeat the same with the other leg.

Make 20 repetitions.

Resistance band

This one is essential for all muscle groups. You will need only a band.

Sit on the floor and place your legs in a straight position in front of you. Wrap them well with the band and wrap it around a chair. The other part of the band should be placed in the top of your feet,

As you are sitting make slides on the back side in order to feel a pressure and tension. Take the foot backward, keep it like that around 5 seconds and then release it slowly.

Repeat with the other leg.

Make 10 repetitions.


This exercise is interesting and you should imagine that you need to pick up a pencil or pen from the floor with your toes. Make it and hold for 10-15 seconds. You are going the strength in your toes. It is quite simple exercise that can be done almost anywhere!

Watch this and learn more:

Remember: if you have persistent back, knee or hip pain or extreme balance or posture issues then you should consult a doctor before carrying out any exercises. Or if these exercises are too strenuous for you then why not try applying pressure to different parts of your feet to relieve back pain, find out how here!

Check out the following video for a step by step guide on how to do these exercises!

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