Monday, January 23, 2017


Do you remember about the Bananaman, a young boy that ate bananas and turned into super-hero with super-powers. This is no science-function, but it is reality. Bananas are powerful fruits that contain: sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Doctors and nutritionists are more than sure that bananas are one of the most healthy products and they suggest that 2 bananas per day are enough for energy supply. If you are physically active or athlete then take one banana 90 minutes before workout.

Here are other conditions where bananas can help:

People who suffer from depression can use banana as natural remedy. Due to the presence of the protein trypotophan bananas increase the production of serotonin which is charged for boosting joy and happiness. Another condition is PMS. So, ladies next time you have pain and contractions forget about pills and consume this amazing fruit.

Natural levels of iron in bananas help in the creation of hemoglobin in the blood and enrich it with other healthy ingredients that help against anemia.

Blood pressure:
Bananas do not have salt in them, but has potassium- important mineral when it comes to the regulation of blood pressure.

Incredible, but bananas could help you to regulate brain function and the work of receptors. One banana in the morning is real gift for our brain that improves our concentration and memory.

As a result of the fiber, bananas can participate in the process of reducing constipation.

All of you who had wild nights and this morning are faced with hangover and really bad headache, do not sleep all the day, but stand up, take 1 teaspoon of acacia honey and banana and feel like never happened.

Morning sickness:
Morning snack of banana may reduce the morning sickness.

Mosquito bites:
Swelling from mosquito touch and bite can be reduced with banana. Just rub piece of this fruit on the affected area and itchiness will lower.

Due to the presence of vitamin B, bananas might be counted as natural eliminator of stress and relaxation for the nerves. The vitamin helps nerves and nervous system , calms and relaxes them.

Intestinal disorders and hoses can be normalized with banana too.

Temperature regulation:
Consumption of bananas can normalize the body temperature. This is especially good in case of pregnant women. They should consume bananas after childbirth in order to make sure than their babies will be born in normal temperature

They cure acne:
Another natural treatment can be done with bananas. Take banana and rub it on the acne. When rubbing use the inner side of the bark and let it to stay on the skin around 10 minutes and then wash. Use it before going to bed.

Repeat this method until you see and feel the benefits.

White teeth:
Rubbing teeth with bananas is another good solution for self-care and beautification. Since bananas are rich in minerals, they whiten our teeth and make them stronger. When compared with other fruits such as apples, bananas have greater amount of minerals and are more effective in the process of teeth protection and care.

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