Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kitchen Wall Cabinet for Modern Countryside House Interior

Kitchen Wall Cabinet for Modern Countryside House Interior – Perfectly designed by Robert M. Gurney, this beautiful countryside house which has kitchen wall cabinet would become a great inspiration for you who want to keep up with the modernity without losing the peace and soothing vibe. Entitled as Becherer House, this living space is wonderfully bordered by the beautiful woodlands and is located away from the urban vibe. Its design includes the openness established to connect the indoors with incredible natural outdoors, thus allowing the fresh air overflowing indoors for a cozy place to live in.

Contemporary Decoration Among Glass Wall Also Green Landscaping
What we really love about this Becherer House design is its architectural design. At a glance, this home looks like any farm house. However, this countryside house design is transformed successfully by Robert to be less traditional and more modern such as the kitchen wall cabinet design. The clean white exterior is contrasted perfectly by the black roof, shaped in triangular form. However, what makes this Becherer House looks more modern is the floors-to-ceilings transparent glass element.

Contemporary Home Decoration Among Green Landscaping
The extensive use of transparent glass element undoubtedly brings in the abundant natural light indoors. Designed with clean white surface and charming wood element for the interior, it becomes unsurprising to feel the bright and airy impression within Becherer House. Along with the open floor plan interior, Robert has created a spacious living area to live in indoors.

Look at this open ”and undoubtedly airy living area perfect family to gather. Wonderfully uses the neutral color scheme, Robert has created the modern impression perfectly without disrupting the comfortable feeling. See the gorgeous large and comfortable sofa that undoubtedly will make this space as a great one to spend the free times with family. Lighting feature is provided by the trail lamps, which are a great choice for any open and spacious room. This country house design for the living area leaves enough space to allow the overflowing airy and spacious feeling indoors like the kitchen wall cabinet end shelf from its neat and organized interior.

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