Monday, January 16, 2017

Interior Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Interior Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms require certain interior design techniques to make the room appear larger. Although your small bathroom may already have major fixtures such as bathtubs, showers, toilets and sinks in place, you can integrate other elements to make the existing space seem larger.

Incorporating glass elements into a small bathroom allows you to see a large amount of the bathroom, which makes it feel bigger. Replacing shower curtains with a clear glass door lets you see the back of the shower when you are in the bathroom, increasing the perceived depth of the area. Glass is an ideal enclosure for both bathtub and shower combinations and shower stalls. You can install sliding glass doors over the side of the bathtub and shower combination, or replace a solid shower stall with a glass enclosure and swing-open door. If your bathroom is too small to accommodate a swinging door, you can leave a small part of the glass enclosure open as an entryway and reposition the shower head so it does not spray near the opening.

Consider using glass for shelving and even a floating countertop. You can use etched glass instead of clear glass as long as some light penetrates. Allowing light to easily infiltrate the room through semi-transparent design pieces opens up a small bathroom.

Placing mirrors along one of the bathroom walls opens up bathroom space by reflecting other features in the room. A mirror does not allow you to see the solid wall behind it, and therefore your eyes are tricked into thinking the space is infinite. You can cover an entire wall with a mirror or use a large mirror over the sink.

Furniture Details
Small bathrooms do not have a large amount of space for placing decorations, so you need to incorporate decorative details into the existing fixtures. Choose a sink and vanity combination with ornate details or a floating etched glass countertop with a unique sink to add decorative elements to a small bathroom.

Designing with Tile
Using colorful tile along the shower wall is another way to add decorative details to a bathroom without taking up a large amount of room. You can continue the tile to the floor for the same effect.

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