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How to Decorate a Home Music Studio

How to Decorate a Home Music Studio

With advances in personal computer technology and recording software, home music studios have become popular among many musicians. Home music studios offer a flexible recording environment, as well as a way to save money on recording budgets. Decorating a home music studio can help make the space more inviting, as well as reflect the personality of the owner or type of music produced in the studio. Decorating project costs can vary greatly, depending on the desired results or budget.

Things You'll Need
  • Old record albums
  • Unused musical instruments
  • Music-themed pictures or posters
Step by steps

1. Use old vinyl record albums to decorate a home music studio. Hang vinyl 33 1/3, 45 and even 78 rpm albums with or without the record jackets to create colorful and interesting decorations. Frame old or valuable records for a more formal decoration.

2. Hang unused musical instruments around the music studio. Instruments such as trumpets, guitars, mandolins, banjos, violins and flutes can be easily hung on the wall for unique decorating elements.

3. Combine personal pictures, old sheet music, cue sheets, production worksheets, guitar picks or broken drum sticks to create a music-themed collage for a home music studio. Take snapshots of artists recording in the studio to add a more personal touch to the collage.

4. Reuse old or broken musical equipment as furniture in a home music studio. Lay a bass drum on its side and top with a piece of glass or Plexiglas to create a music-themed table. Attach plywood between two unused guitar amplifiers to create a coffee table or desk.

5. Hang concert posters, artist pictures or magazine pages to accent a home music studio. Choose posters that reflect the feel of the studio or genre of music produced.

6. Hire a professional painter to decorate the music studio with scenes of concerts, musicians or other music-related themes. For more limited budgets, images of guitar amplifiers or drums are easy subjects for most novice painters.

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