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Home Decorating Ideas for a Two-Bedroom Apartment

Home Decorating Ideas for a Two-Bedroom Apartment

Showcase your two-bedroom apartment in style by featuring decorative table centerpieces, wall art and homemade creations. Decorating a small apartment does require some knowledge about where to place furniture and how to arrange accessories, but the process is usually fairly simple. You may need to get rid of extra large furnishings, depending on the square footage.

Different Themes for Each Room
Showcase a different theme in each room of your apartment. If one room is for the kids, feature a kids' theme such as Strawberry Shortcake, trains, clowns or another cartoon theme, which allows you to have more freedom with the colors and furniture styles you choose for each room. You can decorate your master suite with romantic accents, such as lace curtains, lavender walls, floral pictures and hanging silver mirrors. The kitchen and living area typically adjoin in a two-bedroom apartment, but you can still feature different themes even if the walls are the same color in both spaces. Choose a Southwestern or modern style for your living room and a farm animal or grapes and wine theme for your kitchen.

Paint Ideas
Choose paint colors that blend well with your existing furniture and decor. In some cases the same color can work throughout the entire apartment, but not always. Neutral shades such as beige or tan match modern or rustic decor. Pastel shades such as baby blue, purple or yellow can also work with flowery or cheerful decor. Choose the same color for rooms that adjoin, such as the living room and dining room.

You can get a little more creative with individual bedrooms, especially if you are featuring a different theme in each room. Two-bedroom apartments generally have one large master room and a smaller room, but sometimes each room is the same size. Choose a theme for each room, and choose paint that matches each theme. Accent walls also work well in apartments. Choose one dark color, such as forest green, plum or burgundy, for an accent wall and leave all the remaining walls white.

Furniture Arrangement and Selections
Furniture arrangement can also make your apartment more spacious and inviting. Sell your coffee and end tables if you have a small living room. Save space by placing a tall lamp in the corner of the room, rather than placing two lamps on an end table positioned on each side of the couch. Find a small ottoman to rest your feet on, rather than a large coffee table, since coffee tables take up a lot of space. Most living rooms provide the most space when you place the sofa and loveseat up against a wall. The same holds true for beds and dressers. Choose a kitchen table that allows plenty of walking room around all sides of the table.

Additional Accents
Additional accents throughout your apartment can make this space more inviting to potential guests. Place small palm trees or other potted house plants in an empty corner by the sofa, and adorn your windowsill with extra potted herbs and other small plants. Place cozy rugs in the living room and bedrooms, and hang up some of your own art on the walls. Use your porch as additional decorating space, and place a table and chair set along with plants in this area.

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