Thursday, January 26, 2017

Coffee-Themed Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Coffee-Themed Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Coffee houses are often favorite spots to enjoy a favorite cup of java any time of the day or night. The relaxing ambiance of a neighborhood coffee shop translates well into a unique decor for a home kitchen featuring a coffee-inspired theme. By incorporating rich, dark walls, a round table and upholstered chairs, coffee-inspired wall art, coffee bean accents, colorful linens, a professional coffee bar and various cafe accessories, a coffee-themed kitchen is attainable for most homeowners. The result is a casual, coffee-inspired space to enjoy for years to come.

Apply a Rich Coat of Wall Paint
Rich wall paint is the perfect base for your coffee-themed design. Choose a deep brown hue for the kitchen walls, such as latte, cappuccino or espresso. These colors create a mood of warmth and coziness, which is the look and feel most coffeehouses exude. Brown walls provide the perfect backdrop for a coffee-themed kitchen and serve as an attractive starting point for the subsequent layers of design.

Comfortable Seating Area
Add a table and chairs to the space. If the kitchen space allows, add a small round table in rich woods, such deep mahogany or walnut, to give the kitchen coffee decor a warm, welcoming appearance. Add a few upholstered, armless chairs to create a comfortable area to enjoy reading a newspaper and drinking a coffee drink.

Coffee Beans
Coffee bean accents can enliven the decor. Fill clear cylindrical jars with a few inches of coffee beans and insert a vanilla candle inside, and display on a kitchen island or breakfast table. Fill a large-mouth candy store jar with coffee beans, complete with an old-fashioned scoop, for a touch of whimsy to the coffee-themed kitchen space.

Complementary Linens
Incorporate colorful linens to the design for texture and pops of color. Add coffee-themed kitchen placemats, decorative towels and area rugs to the room to highlight the theme and provide function and style to the space as well.

Feature Coffee-themed Wall Paintings
Accent the wall areas with framed paintings of coffee mugs, coffeepots or other related coffee-themed designs. Arrange artwork in groupings of threes, and hang artwork accent lighting over them to create a gallery-style area and add visual interest against the deep, rich wall color.

Coffee Bar
Create a coffee bar for convenience and authenticity. Using a high-end, professional coffee maker as a focal point, set up an area on the kitchen counter top with coffee mugs, cream and sugar containers, specialty coffee syrups and chocolate-covered spoons, for a visually appealing area that highlights the kitchen decor.

Highlight Coffee-Inspired Home Accents
Amplify the coffee-inspired kitchen decor with displays of old coffeepots, vintage coffee cups, antique coffee grinders or interesting spoon collections in areas above the kitchen cabinets or on open kitchen shelving. This provides an additional layer of visual interest and is a perfect crowning touch to the entire room.

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