Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas With Photos

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas With Photos

Nothing adds a personal touch to a room like displaying your own photographs but printing, matting and framing photos can be expensive. If you're on a limited budget, you can still create attractive decor items using your photos and some inexpensive craft supplies or repurposed items from around the house.

Shadow Boxes
Shadow boxes can incorporate your photos and other memorabilia into custom home d├ęcor. Purchase a shadow box frame from a home goods store or craft retailer; with sale prices or coupons, 12-inch-square shadow boxes can cost less than $10 each. Add photos to the back surface of the box and fill it with other mementos connected with the subject or occasion. While traditional shadow boxes are usually attached to a wall or set on a shelf, you can also place them face up on the top of a small end table. Attach the shadow box to the table using a strong adhesive or screws.

Decoupage is an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate photos into your home decor. Covering decorative items, including table surfaces, wooden shapes, trays, coasters, clocks and other items with photos creates conversation pieces with a personal touch. To decoupage, start with a clean, smooth object to cover. Print your photos on card stock; using decoupage medium on photo paper will cause the ink to bleed and the paper will bubble. Trim the photos to fit and attach them to the object using decoupage medium according to the manufacturer's instructions. While the adhesive creates a protective coating, an additional layer of clear polyurethane will further protect your photos from damage.

A display of framed photos of family and friends can be a dramatic addition to any room but frames can be expensive. You can get the look you want with inexpensive frames and a can of spray paint. Purchase frames from discount stores, flea markets and yard sales and spray-paint them with the same color to create a cohesive look. For an even less expensive framing project, repurpose CD cases as frames. Remove the plastic inserts and fill each case with a piece of thin cardboard or foam board and a photo trimmed to fit. Hang the cases on the wall using double-sided tape.

Ribbon Display
Create a custom display for your photos with wide ribbons and a curtain rod. Purchase a decorative curtain rod and attach it to the wall using brackets. Fold wide ribbons of varying lengths in half. Use hot glue to attach a ribbon to the back of a framed photo, allowing the "tail" of each ribbon to show beneath the photo. Hang the looped ribbons over the curtain rod. The different lengths of ribbons will make for a visually interesting display; you can glue two photos to a longer ribbon for even more variety.

Photo Mosaic
Create a mosaic to display multiple photos in an interesting way. Trace the outline of a shape, such as a heart, circle, square or a star, on a piece of poster board or thin cardboard and cut it out. Arrange the photos inside the shape to fit; you may need to trim them, so be sure to use duplicates rather than originals. Use glue or tape to attach the photos to the shape. Cover the shape with acrylic spray or polyurethane for protection.

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