Monday, January 23, 2017

7 Ways to deal with Depression – Fight Depression

7% population of the whole US is being diagnosed with severe case of depression. And in extreme cases people even tried to suicide. Depression is basically a mood disorder that affects the way you feel, think, behave and perceive about certain things around you. This dejected feeling can be severe if not taken care of. Here I’m not going to talk about the extreme or severe cases but our topic of discussion would be “every day blues”. Fight depression!

Every day blues are common human behaviors that can lead to serious depression disorders. That’s when you feel like staying in bed all day, not talking to anyone, not laughing and even not smiling. All you want is to stay in bed, crying or self-pitying maybe. The feelings could be of any reason maybe not getting what to desire so desperately, due to a fight with a loved ones, bad days or due to anything you aren’t expecting to happen.

These feelings are not very severe but if you don’t take care of in initial, they may get you in trouble and you will have to get to the doctor or depend on antidepressants that have their own side effects. The problem with all of us is, we became so used to of walking alone in sorrows and not trying to help ourselves, the darkness of our mind has become our friend. And this happened when we started to value sorrow instead of being happy, when we forget about fully embracing the life, and when we forget that we are supposed to experience those mountaintop happiness, where we feel excited, thrilled, and fueled with all good feelings.

7 ways to fight Depression

This period of blues shouldn’t go too long, and here are some useful tips and tricks that would help you to fight with depression blues:

1. Be Pleasant to Yourself:
I know we are mostly quite rude or hard with our own selves, which is wrong. I’m not saying that you should self-pity on yourself but let’s just start with focussing on the phrases you use for yourself. Do you use kind words for yourself or unkind? Identify all good things about you, tell yourself that God loves you. And remind yourself that God is so kind to you so you should be kind enough about you and have all nice thoughts. Wear nice clothes and don’t wait for the others to compliment but compliment yourself. Be nice to you and you will start having good thoughts with no ore depressive thoughts.

2. Reduce your responsibilities:
Working hard for so long often cause you to be stressed and tired and sometimes this is what that makes us sad. So the best thing is to stop doing so hard. Fine a person that voluntarily help you in your working. Join some gym activities, or babysitting corporations, or any other healthy activity to cut back your working hours at office.

3. Change your thoughts:
Sometimes it happens that you feel like you are stuck with something miserable in your head but in real you are not, it’s just something in your head. All you need is to have a strong grip on your thoughts and mind. Think about all good things that give you confidence and encourage you.

4. Make decisions and stick with them:
Indecision leads to depression. Make your plan and stick to it. I graduated in journalism but I got a job in a night club as a waitress. People often as me that why you didn’t go for job in journalism? And I reply with “because I want to fuel up my thoughts and I need to fight with depression”. I made a decision that I can’t sit back idle because I might end up having depression. So it is better to make decision about your life and even the little ones and stick to them.

5. Serve Someone Who Needs You:
People often climb inside them and find it hard to get them out. So make sure you don’t climb so high that you even cannot help yourself to get out. Just get up from the bed, get yourself out of your head, leave your emotions behind and find someone who needs you. And help them with their problems and works. This will help you stay busy and self-satisfactory feeling will aids in getting away with depression.

6. Have something sweet or a chocolate:
Chocolates are linked with endorphins, the happy chemicals in the brain, released by the chocolates. Feeling sad or pathetic? Go for a piece of chocolate and enjoy every bit of it to enhance happy chemicals and happy thoughts.

7. Listen to your thoughts:
People who face depression, tries to find things that makes them busy with less thoughts. They either fill the emptiness with drugs, sleep, with overworking, sex or sometimes with crying. This is how people feel maxed out and falls in to avoidance phase, where they avoid everything including their thoughts. Getting into the avoidance mode will not help you to fight depression but you will end up ignoring your thoughts even. But your gut needs to listen to what you think of.

Stop telling yourself that you cannot deal with this and it is very hard to fight with the thoughts. Just sit back in silence and listen what your heart and mind is saying.

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